The educational bush walk is all about the small details and getting connected with the wilderness, as you can see all the small insects and flowers that you wouldn’t be able to view from a safari drive. It can be described as reading the “newspaper” of the bush, as you interpret the little details of your surroundings, like animal tracks or birdsong, to get a picture of what is happening in the bush.

Walking among the animals, smelling the smells and hearing sounds is a great way to discover the bush. Enjoy the African animals during the sunrise. Watch the buffalo, giraffes and many other wild animals awaken. The bush walk is a fascinating and educational experience. The main reason for a bushwalk is that the animals do not have to flee from the loud noises of engines and therefore you can enjoy the African animals even better.

Our ranger will take you on a morning walk. After this walk you will know more about the wild life in South Africa. You really do become one with nature!